The Biggest Mistakes Florida Homeowners Make When Filing a Named Storm Damage Claim

The 2021 Atlantic hurricane storm season is right around the corner and it looks to be another season with plenty of named storms and plenty of property damage.  The 2020 Atlantic storm season was the most active in history and caused the fifth most amount of damage of any hurricane season in history.  There were thirty named storms, a record high.

If a hurricane or tropical storm comes through Florida, then homeowners are often dealing with a wide variety of challenges all at the same time if they are in the unfortunate position of having their home damaged by a storm.  The storm damage that your home may suffer is just the beginning. Dealing with your insurance company in an attempt to get your home fixed and any affected property replaced may prove to be even more difficult and emotionally taxing than whatever damage your home suffered in the first place.  This is why you should hire an experienced South Florida public adjuster if you have experienced storm damage to your South Florida home.  A public adjuster will help you file your claim quickly so that you can be paid for the damage to your home as soon as possible and will also represent you to your insurance company to ensure you maximize your recovery for your storm damage claim.

At PubAdjuster, the public adjuster in Boca Raton, we have helped many South Floridians who have suffered storm damage to their homes in maximizing their recovery from their windstorm insurance company for the storm damage to their home.  We deal with the insurance company so that you can worry about getting your life back to normal after a storm has come through and damaged your home.  We will help to ensure that your insurer does not try to offer you an amount that does not cover the damages you truly suffered or attempts to claim some of the storm damage is pre-existing or not a result of the storm that damaged your home.  If you have suffered storm damage to your home, call PubAdjuster today for helping in maximizing your recovery in connection with your storm damage claim.  

Processing Your Hurricane Storm Damage Claim

With storm damage to your home comes all sorts of difficulties.  First off, you may have water pouring into your house through a hole in your roof or part of your garage may have collapsed, destroying your personal property in the process.  Sorting through the mess may be just the beginning.  With water damage often comes mold!  You must ensure that mold has not begun to form as a result of the storm damage or that some other part of your home may have been damaged that is not immediately apparent.  That is why many homeowners make a mistake when trying to go through the process of filing a hurricane or storm damage claim and dealing with the insurance company on their own.  Instead, trusting an experienced South Florida public adjuster in Boca Raton to help maximize your recovery for your storm damage claim is simply a smart move.

If you have suffered storm damage, you likely have much bigger concerns than providing every single document that your insurer wants or taking time off work to meet an adjuster from the insurance company for one, let alone multiple, inspections.  Having a public adjuster to help you through the process will therefore simply ease the burden on you by ensuring that you can concentrate on doing what you need to recover from the storm and get back to your normal life.  Meanwhile, your public adjuster can concentrate on what he or she does best: ensure that your claims process goes as smoothly as possible and being your liaison to your insurer.

Why Use a Public Adjuster for Your Storm Damage Claim 

Although Florida law requires that insurers treat their insureds with good faith, insurers often walk a fine line between trying to get the best deal possible for the insurer and making sure that whatever damage their insureds have suffered is fixed. One secret that insurers will never tell you is that you will almost always be better off in filing a storm damage claim through a public adjuster than filing the claim and trying to negotiate a resolution on your own.  Claimants represented by public adjusters simply do better and recover more than claimants who are not represented by a public adjuster.  Whether it is because the insurer knows it cannot make a lowball offer to an insured represented by a public adjuster because the insured will simply reject it, insurers simply treat homeowners represented by public adjusters differently than insureds who are not represented by a public adjuster.  They routinely offer more money and do not play games by pretending something is not storm damage when it clearly is.

File a Storm Damage Claim with Insurance 

If your home has been damaged by a storm, the best thing you can do is file a claim for the storm damage your home suffered as soon as possible after the storm that caused that damage.  As soon as you file a claim, certain obligations arise on the insurance company’s part to inspect your claim, adjust the claim, and then pay for the damage to your home as a result of the storm.  The sooner you file a claim, the better off you are because you will receive compensation for that storm damage that much quicker.  Many people will wait, hoping their insurer will contact them to see if their home has been damaged by a storm or trying to get their feet back under them before filing a claim.  However, insureds who are represented by an experienced public adjuster have someone else representing them who can act immediately.

Contact PubAdjuster, the Public Adjuster in Boca Raton, if You Have Been Affected by Storm Damage in South Florida

Regardless of what type of loss you have suffered, whether storm damage, a burst pipe or otherwise, PubAdjuster is here to assist in maximizing your recovery from your insurer.  From our offices in Boca Raton, we serve clients throughout South Florida with a wide variety of different types of insurance claims.  Every hurricane season, we help Floridians who have suffered damage to their home or property as a result of damage caused by the storms that plague the Sunshine State every year.  Call (561) 212-0239 or email us at for a free claim review today.

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