Insurance Claims for Break-ins or Vandalism

Many people may not realize that damage to your home or the property in your home caused by a crime such as a break-in or vandalism is usually covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.  The absolute worst thing you can do is return home from a vacation to find your home has been vandalized in your absence.  Although crimes like vandalism and any resulting damages to your home or personal property are normally covered under your homeowner’s insurance, this does not mean that your insurer will attempt to make things easy for you if you are the victim of a crime and either your home or property is damaged.  Therefore, an experienced public adjuster like David Flaks of PubAjuster will be able to help you ensure you are able to recover the maximum compensation from your insurance company if you are the victim of vandalism or another crime to your home.

Homeowners Coverage for Break-ins or Vandalism or other Crimes

If an intruder breaks a window or damages your door in the process of committing a crime at your home, your insurance policy’s dwelling coverage may help pay for repairs.  Other structures on your property, like a storage shed, may also have been damaged by a vandal forcing his or her way in looking for things to steal, but those would typically be covered by your policy’s other structures coverage.  Both of these would pay to have that particular damage caused by the vandal fixed and restored to its condition prior to the occurrence of the crime.  In addition, if any of your personal property is damaged by the vandal, then the personal property coverage under your homeowner’s policy typically will cover to have that item replaced or repaired.

What Should I Do If I Am A Victim of a Crime?

If you return home to find your home has been broken into or vandalized or is otherwise the scene of a crime, the first thing to do is always file a police report.  Your insurer will ask for this in connection with any claim you eventually file with your homeowner’s insurance.   Replacing any broken windows or doors as soon as possible is also extremely important given that whoever broke into your home is going to know there are broken windows or doors with broken locks the person can use to get into your home.  There is always the possibility, no matter how remote, that the person who vandalized your home returns and causes more damage.   Under most insurance policies, you have the duty to immediately take any and all steps to ensure your home/property is not further damaged after a loss like vandalism and an insurer is going to expect you to immediately take these steps to protect against further losses.  Your insurer may even go so far as to try to deny or pay less on your claim if you do not do so.

Contact David Flaks at PubAdjuster if You Have Been the Victim of a Crime

If you have been the victim of a crime in Boca Raton, Delray Beach or elsewhere in Palm Beach or Broward Counties, your first call should be to David Flaks of PubAdjuster.  David has helped homeowners throughout Florida to ensure they fully recover their damages suffered as a result of a crime. If you have been the victim of a crime in Florida, contact David Flaks of PubAdjuster at or (561) 212-0239 today for assistance in recovering for your losses from your insurer.