Wind and Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Wind and Hail Damage Insurance Claims can be challenging! If your home has been damaged by wind or hail, then homeowner’s insurance will normally provide coverage for such losses.  Particularly in a place that experiences as extreme of weather on a regular basis as Florida, the risk of your home being damaged by wind or hail at some point during the time you own it are extremely high.  Nevertheless, perhaps more than any other type of claim, insurers will often either deny outright or else offer you a low-ball settlement offer for wind or hail claims on the basis that the damage caused by the wind or hail is either pre-existing, purely cosmetic damage, or for some other reason that simply does not hold water if examined closely.  Therefore, given that insurers often play these games, it is particularly important to ensure that you have an experienced public adjuster working on your behalf to keep your insurer honest if your home has experienced wind or hail damage.

What Can I Expect from My Insurer When It Comes to Wind and Hail Damage Insurance Claims?

There are many tricks insurers may try to play in order to avoid paying you the full amount of damages for damage to your Florida home as a result of wind or hail.  One of the most common is for the insurer to state that the damage is pre-existing and then to have an engineer inspect it and state that none of the damage was caused by a particularly wind or hailstorm, but that your roof looked exactly like that before the storm came through.  However, what the insurer will not tell you is that, if even a single tile of your roof is damaged by wind or hail, then the insurer is responsible for covering the damage to that single tile.  Therefore, the insurer can have a very difficult challenge for itself if it tries to deny your wind or hail claim outright.

Other insurers may have what is known as a cosmetic damage exclusion in their insurance policies, which keeps you from recovering anything whatsoever if your insurer decides that the wind or hail caused what it determines was just cosmetic damage to your roof or your home.  However, this is again completely subjective, and it would be the insurer’s burden to prove that the damage was only cosmetic.

In each of these cases, having an experienced public adjuster like David Flaks of PubAdjuster on your side would ensure that your insurer is not trying to save some money at your expense.  David will push back on your insurer to do not only what is right, but what is required by Florida law, in order to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your wind or hail claim.

Contact David Flaks of PubAdjuster if You Have a Wind and Hail Damage Insurance Claim

If you are in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, or any other part of Palm Beach or Broward Counties and your home has been damaged by wind or hail, contact David Falks of PubAdjuster today.  David will ensure that your insurer does not try to save money at your expense if you have been the victim of wind or hail damage and will fight for you to receive every penny of damages you have suffered.  Contact David Falks at or (561) 212-0239 today.