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Not working with an experienced public adjuster, could cause your claim to be denied or underpaid. It is incredibly important to document your claim accurately and to work with experts in the industry who know what it will cost to fix.

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The need to file an insurance claim, follows after an incident has occurred. No matter how minor or how major the incident is, the affected party (homeowner, business owner, property manager or agent) is dealing with a lot of stress and paperwork. This stress and anxiety will only increase if a claim is not handled properly and the insurance company denies the claim or pays very little of it.

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At PubAdjuster, our entire reason for being in business is to ensure that Florida homeowners receive the maximum payout possible for the insurance claim that the homeowner has filed with his or her homeowner’s or property insurer.  No matter whether you suffered damage to your home as a result of a hurricane, a burst pipe, a tornado, a fire, a water leak, or any of the other myriad of ways in which a homeowner can suffer damage to his or her home, public adjuster David Flaks and PubAdjuster are here to assist you in maximizing your recovery from your homeowner’s or property insurer.  Unfortunately, most insurers will either deny or underpay claims that are covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy.  If your home has been damaged in some way by any sort of unfortunate occurrence or an Act of God or some natural phenomenon like a storm, then the damage your home suffered is most likely covered by your homeowner’s or property insurance.  In that case, you will need a public adjuster to help you in navigating the often mysterious and difficult process of filing and seeing an insurance claim through to its conclusion and receiving maximum compensation for your claim from your insurer. Not retaining an experienced public adjuster could result in your claim being denied or you being underpaid by thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for the damage that you and your home suffered.

Why Do I Need a Public Adjuster to Represent Me
in Dealing with My Insurance Company?

Public adjusters exist to help insured homeowners to recover the maximum value from their insurers for their insurance claims. It is a sad fact that many times an insurer will either deny a claim outright that is and should be covered under an insurance policy or else pay so little on the claim that the insured homeowner is unable to make the repairs necessary to restore his or her home to the state it was in prior to the event that damaged it. Many insurers may also overlook portions of your insurance policy that may provide coverage for expenses that you incur in the stressful and time-consuming process of recovering from a storm or other loss. Many policies run to hundreds of pages and you would be surprised how often the adjusters that work for an insurance company may not even know what their own policies do and do not cover. More importantly, an insurer’s adjuster may have so many claims on his or her desk or be so focused on the repairs that may involved with a particular instance of damage to a home that he or she does not even consider the homeowner may need to move out for a period of time in order to have repairs performed, the expenses of which would ordinarily qualify for coverage under virtually every insurance policy. A public adjuster will help to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation allowed for under your policy in connection with your claim.

Your public adjuster can also refer you to any number of qualified professionals who can assist in the actual repair of the damage your suffered that caused you to file an insurance claim in the first place. A public adjuster can further assist you by serving as the single point of contact for the insurer relating to your insurance. In short, you need a public adjuster because you likely have never been through an insurance claim before and dealing with insurers and expediting claims and ensuring their clients receive maximum value is something that public adjusters do every day.

Who is David Flaks of PubAdjuster?
How Can He Assist Me With My Insurance Claim?

The founder and principal of PubAdjuster, David Flaks, is a former software engineer and programmer who has been in the shoes of an insured Florida homeowner who has had his or her insurer attempt to low-ball or even outright deny claim of the Florida homeowner who has suffered loss or damage to his or her home.  Luckily, David retained a public adjuster to help represent his interests with his insurer and ended up with a much higher settlement than his insurance company had been willing to offer before David’s public adjuster became involved.  Since that time, David has assisted hundreds of insured Florida homeowners in ensuring their recovery from their insurer will cover the damages they actually suffered, not some arbitrary amount that the insurer attempts to justify as its own estimate of the damages you suffered as a result of a loss.

David decided to change careers after an unfortunate experience with his own insurer convinced him that no one should have to go through what he did in being offered a pittance for a serious loss to his own home.  Since making his career change, David has brought the experience of assisting hundreds of Floridians in maximizing their recoveries from their insurance claim to bear for each and every one of his clients across the state of Florida in all types of insurance claims.

David’s background also enables him to utilize all the most recent and cutting edge tools to assist his clients in recovering the maximum possible amount of compensation from their insurer for.  Much of the work that insurers and public adjusters do is driven by technology and David is able to use the skills he learned in his previous career to assist his clients in dealing with their insurers. Learn more about David and how PubAdjuster can help you.

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Google Reviews

  • 5 star review  David Flaks gets on the case immediately, is diligent and brings value on the table. I highly reccomment him!

    thumb Anton Joro
  • 5 star review  After the last hurricane loss, I hired David Flaks as my independant adjuster. He was extremely professional and his communication skills were fanatastic during the process. He got me a settlement that exceeded my expectations! I recommend him highly!

    thumb Barry Savage
  • 5 star review  my experience with mr David flack who was my public adjuster for two separate claims on my rental property handle them very expeditiously I don't believe they couldn't have been handled any better by anyone else he is very hands on from begin to end I highly recommend him if you have claim Anthony Schiano

    thumb anthony SCHIANO
  • 5 star review  We had no idea what a public adjuster was, but am very happy we were referred to David for our home water claim. He came out right away to meet with us and walked us through our insurance policy (embarrassed to say we were not well versed with it). His experience and knowledge puts him at the very top of his expertise; it’s what won us our case. Our insurance gave us the ring around and dragged their feet but he stood tall and didn’t back down. We really appreciate all the hard work he put into our claim and the time he spent with us. We were able to remediate & rebuild our kitchen with our settlement (which would not have been the case if we didn’t have him on our team), but what was priceless for me was knowing our issues were being handled appropriately. David really came through for me and my family - I will recommend him given any opportunity; my husband tells everyone I have him on speed dial, which is kind of true since he came out today for a separate issue, haha. Thank you, David! The Barnett Family

    thumb Tiffany Schriedel
  • 5 star review  David was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional. He guided me through a difficult process and made it easy and gave me information that was indispensable for my repair and my claim. I highly recommend him for his honesty, diligence and thoroughness as well as being a very pleasant and responsive person to work with.

    thumb Loren Schnider
  • 5 star review  David Flaks and the company did an outstanding job representing me throughout the claim process. They visited the property multiple times and their entire staff were total professionals as I was guided thru the insurance and repair process. I would highly recommend them.

    thumb Mark