Hurricane Damage Claims

The past five years have seen some of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons on record.  The Atlantic hurricane season, which used to be confined to June through November, is stretching longer and longer each year.  Not only is hurricane season in South Florida longer than it used to be, but there also have been more named storms recently than in years past.  Lastly, the storms in recent years have been consistently stronger and have caused more destruction than even those storms that occurred during the most previously destructive storm seasons on record.  All of this combines to make hurricane season a scary and potentially catastrophic time of year for South Florida homeowners in Palm Beach County, Broward County and Florida in general.

Naturally, with the uptick in the number and intensity of hurricanes, having homeowner’s insurance that includes windstorm coverage will pay for your damages in the event of a hurricane has become a necessity for every South Florida homeowner.  Given how hurricanes are becoming not only more common but also consistently more destructive, hurricane damage is increasingly common and a more likely occurrence for Florida homeowners in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and all of Florida.  Whether a torn-off roof or massive water intrusion through a wind-created opening in the home, hurricane damage can put you out of your house for weeks at a time and require tens of thousands of dollars in repairs to your home.  You would think this is the time when your insurance company would come through for you, but often South Florida homeowners who have experienced hurricane damage claims find that their insurer either offers to pay cents on the dollar for the often massive losses that accompany hurricanes or else refuse to cover such a claim at all on the flimsiest of pretenses.  This is why if you have experienced hurricane damage in South Florida, it is so important you retain an experienced insurance public adjuster like David Flaks of PubAdjuster to assist you in recovering full compensation from your homeowner’s insurer for your hurricane damage claim.

Common Issues Encountered with Homeowners Insurance with Hurricane Damage Claims

One of the most common responses of any insurer to a hurricane damage claim is to state that the damage from a hurricane was actually pre-existing damage that was present before the hurricane came through. Insurers often assert that hurricane damage claims, in particular roof claims, are related to wear and tear.  However, insurance companies do so at their own risk, given that is their burden under Florida law in order to prove that an insurance policy exclusion for pre-existing damage or wear and tear rather than a hurricane caused the damage that prompted you to file a claim in the first place.  This can be a difficult proposition for the insurer if you have an experienced insurance public adjuster on your side going up against the insurer and its adjuster like David Falks of PubAdjuster.

Contact PubAdjuster for Hurricane Damage Claims

At PubAdjuster, we have helped many Floridians with hurricane damage claims to recover the full value of their claims from their insurance company.  David Falks of PubAdjuster has been assisting South Florida homeowners in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and throughout Palm Beach and Broward Counties through some of Florida’s worst storms on record.  If you have experienced hurricane damage to your home, then call David Falks at (561) 212-0239 or