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Public Adjusters Get Timely Claim Payment from Your Insurer

You have reached a settlement with your insurer on your insurance claim after long, protracted negotiations over the damages caused by a hurricane or water loss and the repairs that will be necessary to your home as a result of that loss.  You would expect at this point that everything would be smooth sailing, given that you have agreed to a number with your insurer. You assume you would receive a timely claim payment of your settlement. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Sometimes after an agreement is reached, the insurer is suddenly no longer responsive to any of
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Why a Public Insurance Adjuster Will Get You More Money

There are a number of advantages that come from using a public insurance adjuster for your homeowner’s or property insurance claim. Foremost is that a public insurance adjuster will get you more money from your insurer.  In part, this is due to the estimate prepared by your public insurance adjuster and what it wilthat will take place between your public insurance adjuster and the insurer’s adjuster regarding the ultimate resolution of your claim. An insurer is required to pay for whatever repairs are necessary to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.  However, what repairs, and in particular the prices
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What is a Public Adjuster? When to Hire One and Why?

Homeowners often ask us, what is a public adjuster and why should I hire one? One of the most important aspects of having a public adjuster represent you in connection with your homeowner’s or property insurance claim is having someone to be your single point of contact with your insurer for purposes of your claim.  Whether your claim was caused by hurricane damage, a pipe leak, or any other sort of loss, a public adjuster will handle all aspects of your claim, including any and all communications with your insurer, from start to finish.  Retaining an experienced public adjuster can
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