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When it comes to filing a successful insurance claim, you really do need a licensed Public Adjuster as the pitfalls are many.

Where to start?

Do not get advice from your insurance company! They will not be working in YOUR best interest. Their prime objective is to pay you as little as possible

Contact an experienced public adjuster who will:

  • Check your policy to see if you qualify to file a claim
  • Contact an expert to assist in assessing the damage
  • Get your claim filed out accurately with images and industry expert quotes and/or assessments and get it filed with the insurance company
  • Stay on top of the claim and keep following up with the insurance company.
  • Update you frequently along the way until the claim is paid.


  • Public Adjusters are licensed by the state of Florida and their role is to handle all of the work required to file an insurance claim on behalf of the person insured (you). Only attorneys and licensed public adjusters can work on your behalf with an insurance company.
  • A Public Adjuster works FOR you and represents YOU to the insurance company. The public adjuster only gets paid if you get paid.
  • Insurance policies and contracts have a lot of fine print. Unless you are experienced in working with insurance companies it will be difficult (and your claim may be denied) to interpret the technical language and the complex procedures that must be followed in order to comply with the policy terms and thereby get your claim approved. PubAdjuster is experienced in working with insurance companies and will assist you through this process.
  • In the state of Florida, in most cases, you can REOPEN a case up to 5 years old. Contact us and we will give you a FREE review of your old claim..
  • Public Adjusters get a % of the insurance pay-out AFTER your deductible. This means they are working for you (the insured); we want to get you the maximum pay-out and will work tirelessly for you until the claim is paid. The more we get for you, the more we earn.
  • All insurance companies are required to PAY your claim or deny it within 90 days.

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