Why Us

Dealing with the complex requirements of filing all the documentation required for an insurance claim and handling the process without sufficient knowledge and skills can be overwhelming, stressful and expensive. The process is not as simple as providing a list of the damage or loss acquired during the disaster. Insurance companies often ask for a long list of detailed information that may seem unreasonable at first glance but may be important. Though insurance companies will provide their own adjuster to asses the damage, he works for the insurance company and his primary interest is to pay you as little as possible.

pine tree on top of a house caused by a natural disaster.

To avoid having to deal with the stress and hassles, and to get the settlement you deserve from the insurance company, seek the help of a professional and reliable public adjuster who will help you interpret your homeowner’s policy, assess the damage, estimate the cost of repair, and negotiate with your insurance company until the claim is settled.

A licensed and professional public adjuster, like David Flaks, understands exactly what needs to be done, knows how to avoid the pitfalls that could cause the insurance company to deny your claim and they can complete your claim efficiently and effectively to get you the maximum pay out from the insurance company.

PubAdjuster’s Approach to Assisting Clients with Their Insurance Claims

David has been in your shoes, so he understands how important detail is to the job of a public adjuster.  He is extremely thorough and will review the damage you suffered top to bottom with you at an in-person meeting as a part of his process of representing you in connection with your insurance claim.  David will meet with you to explain the process and handle your claim every step of the way to ensure your insurer pays you what you are owed under your insurance policy for the loss that you suffered.  He will utilize claim estimating software to estimate the damage your home suffered as a result of what occurred.   

PubAdjuster is not just David Flaks.  David also has a dedicated team who will assist in keeping your insurer on its toes by continually monitoring the status of your claim, ensuring that your insurer has all the information and documents it needs from you and ensuring that your claim is at the top of all the claims on the insurer’s adjuster’s desk.

Why Choose PubAdjuster?

The need to file an insurance claim, follows after damage has occurred. No matter how minor or how major the incident is, the affected party (homeowner, business owner, property manager or agent) is dealing with a lot of stress and paperwork. This stress and anxiety will only increase if a claim is not handled properly and the insurance company refuses the claim or pays very little of it.

  • PubAdjuster has a history of getting clients large pay outs.
  • Best Customer Service – you always speak to a LIVE person when you call
  • Experienced & Fast – you call and we show up. Your claim gets filed and we stay in contact with you to update you until it is settled.

PubAdjuster is your Best Choice.
We are Knowledgeable and Capable.
We help you get every penny that you are entitled to get.
We take pride in working FOR you.
That is exactly who PubAdjuster is.

PubAdjuster is distinct from other public adjusters because:

  • We have the most qualified, certified and experienced public adjusters that are available in Florida. Our team knows how insurance companies handle claims and how the law works and this knowledge is put to use to get you the MAXIMUM pay out. We only recruit the best in this industry in order to produce the best possible outcome in each recovery claim. Our team boasts a wealth of experienceWhite clock with words Time is Money on its face. We invest in continuous education and training of PubAdjuster team to keep abreast of changes in this industry as well as the latest approaches to ensure a successful claim. We are passionate about being the BEST at what we do.
  • Our in-house software system enables our team to communicate and support each other throughout the process of insurance claim filing and settlement. With reliable and breakthrough technology, our team is able to support claims across Florida in a timely and efficient manner while providing LIVE customer service to our clients and staying connected with professional experts including building contractors, engineers, and attorneys. This guarantees that our team works at peak efficiency to produce the best results for our valued clients. We understand that TIME is of the essence and treat each claim as if it is our own.
  • We will manage each phase of the claim settlement from preparing and submitting your claim, negotiating a settlement, representing you should your claim go to mediation or appraisal and organizing legal representation should the need arise.

PubAdjuster Will Do Our Best to Help Ease Your Pain with Florida Claims

We will do everything required to file an insurance claim after a loss. We will get you the maximun settlement that you deserve. If an unwanted disaster happens, which is often inevitable and out of human control, you do not have to panic or stress, just call the team at PubAdjuster. Whether your property is damaged by fire, storm, water and more and in need of expert public adjuster help, we have got you covered.