How We Help

We can re-open any claim made in the last five years


Are you unhappy with offered or paid out?
Not sure how to file an insurance claim or need help?

PubAdjuster offers experienced experts to get you the most money you deserve. We are here to fight for you. You will not be out of pocket.

If this is your first time consulting with a public adjusting professional, let us share how we at PubAdjuster can help. If you have any kind of property damage, no matter how small and you need to file an insurance claim, we can help. If you filed an insurance claim during the last 5 years and are not sure you got what you deserved, let PubAdjuster take a FREE, no obligation look at your claim.

Professional Public Adjuster – PubAdjuster is a professional claims adjuster company with licensed, professional claims analysts who advocate for clients in negotiating directly with the insurance companies to get the most from each claim. It is important to do your research before choosing a public adjuster. All public adjusters are not created equal. Experience is critical in this industry. Choose only public adjusters that are licensed by the state’s insurance department. A licensed public adjuster or an attorney are the only people who can legally represent your rights as an insured during the process of an insurance claim. At PubAdjuster, we are your representative and we manage, advise, and handle the claim from beginning to end. We work for you. 

What We Do

  1. We analyze and read your insurance coverage and if you had a previous claim, we review the claim.
  2. We personally visit your location, and assess the extent of property loss and damage and produce a detailed estimate of the repair.
  3. We negotiate with your insurance company in order to maximize your claim or financial settlement
  4. A complete detailed report about the repair scope of the damaged property as well as the cost of repair. We will look into your property and analyze whether it needs a repair, restoration, or complete rebuilding.
  5. We will prepare your “Time Element Losses” – including Loss of rent, Business Interruption, Loss of Utilization, or Added Living Expenses.
  6. Help in the preparation of the inventories of the business properties, personal items, or any other items that were damaged. With a team of reliable and expert appraisers, you are also assured of an accurate evaluation of every damaged item with it’s precise value.
  7. Provide valuations including estimates and inventories to the insurance adjusters. Our team will meet with the adjusters from the insurance company to adjust your insurance claim equitably and fairly, thus resulting in the best settlement.
  8. Establish a robust, professional and reliable line of communication with the adjuster that the insurance company provides. We also ensure a timely filing of all needed insurance documentation and forms so to avoid any consequences or penalties that could lower your financial settlement amount.
  9. Negotiate the best probable settlement whether through mediation, appraisal, consultation, and any other possible legal means, with continuous communication with our clients.
  10. We work with experts like structural engineers, architects, licensed and reliable general contractors, leak detectors, failure analysis & causation experts, certified and dependable water mitigation technicians, certified and professional industrial hygienist or any other experts that are needed to fully support and document our clients’ claims for a maximum recovery.
  11. We keep clients updated throughout the entire claim settlement process and have LIVE agents available to answer your calls and your questions.

We Are Here To Fight For You!

When you choose PubAdjuster, you get a team of professionals who work for you and only you. Be wary of “field insurance adjusters” who work for the insurance company. Always ask if they work on behalf of the insurance company. If yes, understand that their interest is for the insurance company and NOT for you. Do not be fooled! Call PubAdjuster, we will fight for you.

PubAdjuster is experienced and has a track record of getting significantly more funds for our clients than the claims settled by the insurance company. Our motto is to get you every penny you are supposed to have.

One of the advantages of choosing PubAdjuster, is that we save you the hardship, stress and time of having to complete insurance forms and deal with insurance companies. We know it is confusing understanding what documents need to be submitted, which forms should be filed, what to tell or not tell to an adjuster from insurance company and how to successfully and effectively get the maximum financial settlement that you are entitled to.

We work for you! Call PubAdjuster today.

Our goal is to get you the LARGEST PAYDAY and peace of mind.