Public Adjusters Get Timely Claim Payment from Your Insurer

You have reached a settlement with your insurer on your insurance claim after long, protracted negotiations over the damages caused by a hurricane or water loss and the repairs that will be necessary to your home as a result of that loss.  You would expect at this point that everything would be smooth sailing, given that you have agreed to a number with your insurer. You assume you would receive a timely claim payment of your settlement. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Sometimes after an agreement is reached, the insurer is suddenly no longer responsive to any of your inquiries.  The insurer may suddenly go dark on you just when you thought the long and tortuous process of getting your insurance claim resolved was over and when you had been expecting delivery of a check to enable you to finally complete the repairs to your home. If this has happened to you and you are not represented by an experienced public adjuster like David Falks of PubAdjuster, then you could be waiting a while for your insurer to actually pay the amount you agreed upon to settle your insurance claim. But you would have little to no idea of how to force the insurer to comply with Florida law and pay the money they agreed was necessary to compensate you for your losses.  This is one more reason why you should retain an experienced public adjuster because public adjusters get timely claim payment from your insurer once the claim is resolved.

What Are Insurers Supposed to Do Once an Insurance Claim Has Been Resolved?

Once an insurer has reached a resolution with its insured as to a claim, it is supposed to promptly pay the claim.  Public adjusters get timely claim payment once a resolution has been reached and prompt payment is so important that Florida law sets a timeframe of twenty days by statute within which an insurer is required to pay the proceeds.  In an ideal world, you would come to an agreement with your insurer, the insurer would mail you a check and that would be the end of that.  Nevertheless, realizing that very few insured homeowners will know this or even push them to make a payment even if the parties have agreed to a number, some insurers will simply wait until you make enough of an issue about it before the settlement is actually paid.

Why This Matters

Very few people have the luxury of being able to commence repairs by paying contractors out of pocket before receiving the insurance proceeds that are rightfully yours if you have settled your insurance claim with the insurer.  Therefore, you very well may be depending upon the receipt of those funds to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.  Thus, timely payment of those funds is essential.

How PubAdjuster Stays on Top of Your Insurer to Ensure Timely Claim Payment of Your Insurance Claim

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.  This is true in many contexts, but particularly when it comes to insurance companies.  At PubAdjuster, we know that insurers often decide to conveniently stop being responsive to you just when it comes time for them to honor their agreement with you and pay the agreed-upon settlement amount for your insurance claim.  Therefore, following up with them is not only important during the life of your claim, but particularly when you have reached an agreement with your insurer.

PubAdjuster has an administrative staff of over 20 experienced insurance professionals whose only job is to stay on top of your insurance claim and make sure you receive your payment in a timely manner.  Our staff will be the squeaky wheel that the insurer cannot ignore so that you get the money you are rightfully owed by your insurer.

Contact PubAdjuster if You Have Suffered a Loss and Need Assistance Recovering Maximum Compensation in a Timely Manner from Your Insurer

At PubAdjuster, ensuring that our clients recover the maximum amount possible for their insurance claims is our goal and David and his staff stay on your insurer even once an agreement has been reached with the insurer as to the resolution of your claim.  The sooner you get paid for your insurance claim, the sooner you can begin repairing the damage you suffered that led to filing a claim in the first place.  If you have experienced hurricane damage, a burst pipe, water leak or any other type of loss in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County or anywhere else in South Florida, contact David Falks of PubAdjuster today at or (561) 212-0239.

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