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Public Adjusters Get Timely Claim Payment from Your Insurer

You have reached a settlement with your insurer on your insurance claim after long, protracted negotiations over the damages caused by a hurricane or water loss and the repairs that will be necessary to your home as a result of that loss.  You would expect at this point that everything would be smooth sailing, given that you have agreed to a number with your insurer. You assume you would receive a timely claim payment of your settlement. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Sometimes after an agreement is reached, the insurer is suddenly no longer responsive to any of
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How Do I Maximize My Insurance Claim?

The question we are asked the most is how do I maximize my insurance claim? One of the most under appreciated aspects of retaining a public adjuster to assist with your insurance claim is how having an estimate of the repairs that your home will need to restore it to pre-loss condition, prepared by someone other than an adjuster affiliated with your insurer, can help you recover more for your insurance claim.  A public adjuster’s estimate typically is more comprehensive and thorough than an estimate prepared by the adjusters that are utilized by insurance companies. Compared to insurance company adjusters,
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